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Sale Date: 27th February 2008

Lot Number: 8
1953 Cannon Trials Car

  • 1953 Cannon Trials Car
  • 1953 Cannon Trials Car

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Reg Number:JSV 914
Chassis Number:LVL033757/83
Engine Number:T.B.A.
Body Colour: Aluminium
Trim Colour:Black
MOT ExpiryDate:None

Although, Tasmanian Mike Cannon had originally moved to Britain as a farmer, he soon got involved in the post-WW2 trialing scene. Achieving considerable success behind the wheel of a self-modified Cotton Special, it was not long before he started making cars to his own design. Assembled at the wonderfully named Crooked Chimneys in West Peckham (Kent), the resultant Cannons were renowned for their light weight, strength and agility. Based around a spaceframe chassis (typically made from 1.75-inch o/d and 0.75-inch o/d tubing) and clothed in bare aluminium, most Cannons used Ford running gear. Available as body / chassis units or as complete cars, they provided stiff competition to the likes of Dellow winning the RAC Trials Championship and scoring numerous victories in their heyday. With total production estimated at just 100 to 120, survivors are now comparatively few and far between.

Finished in bare aluminium with black vinyl upholstery, this particular example is said to have been "built by Mike Cannon and campaigned by one owner until 1984". Repanelled at some stage, it also sports a newly retrimmed interior, transverse leaf-sprung beam front axle, coil rear springs and four Newton telescopic dampers. Apparently powered by a Ford 1350cc crossflow engine allied to four-speed manual transmission (though, it is likely to have carried a Ford 1172cc sidevelave unit originally), the two-seater is said to be capable of "performing 'wheelies' if provoked". Reportedly "used on MCC Trials in the past which also require a fair amount of roadwork", the Cannon boasts both head / tail lights and indicators. Summed up by the vendor as "enormous fun if your back is in reasonably good order", this purposeful trials car is offered for sale with V5 registration document.

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