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Sale Date: 19th April 2012

Lot Number: 66
1928 Norton Model 18

  • 1928 Norton Model 18
  • 1928 Norton Model 18
  • 1928 Norton Model 18
  • 1928 Norton Model 18
  • 1928 Norton Model 18
  • 1928 Norton Model 18

Not Sold

Reg Number: TU 9481
Frame Number:33440
Engine Number:29789
Body Colour:Black / Silver
MOT ExpiryDate:None

Norton! One of the greatest names of the Great British Motorcycle Industry. You can even now, more than 110 years after the name first appeared on one, still buy a motorcycle with the distinctive, flowing Norton logo on the tank. James Lansdown Norton's first machines were powered by Swiss and French side valve and v-twin engines and by 1907 a long and illustrious racing heritage had begun with a win in the first Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy races. A long list of other famous names of riders including Woods, Frith, Guthrie, Nuvolari, Daniell, Handley, Oliver et. al. were to be associated with Norton's over the early years, added to those of Duke, Surtees, Hailwood, Minter and just about every other rider of note in the later, what we would now term classic, racing years. That the Norton brand can still mean so much to so many clearly underlines the value of racing successes and that competition activity does certainly help to promote a company's products, maybe more mundane, but available to the man in the street.

The first ohv singles were built in 1922 and the model 18 seen here, registered TU 9481, was developed from that, being registered in 1928. Built from mostly original, genuine Model 18 parts according to the vendor, the 79x100 490cc machine is best described as an unfinished project, although looks to be in substantially correct order and mostly complete. The bike has the benefit of a Swansea V5 and should make a very attractive and valuable period machine with little more effort or expense.

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