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Sale Date: 13th April 2011

Lot Number: 10
1962 Matchless G50

  • 1962 Matchless G50
  • 1962 Matchless G50
  • 1962 Matchless G50

Not Sold

Reg Number: N/A
Frame Number:Not Shown
Engine Number:None
Body Colour:Red
MOT ExpiryDate:N/A

Previously owned by John Surtees

With hindsight it seems surprising that the G50 did not come into being before 1958 despite the success of the 7R from which the G50 was derived. AMC were committed to the development of the G45 twin which offered marketing advantages for the road going twins, and consequently did not wish to divert their attention from that project. However by the second half of the decade it was becoming apparent that the G45 was not going to succeed and in 1958 a 500cc machine derived from the 7R was unveiled, largely as result of the 7R's proponent at boardroom level, Jock West's insistence. The new machine shared the 7R's 78mm bore with a stroke of 90mm giving a capacity of 496cc. The prototype engine underwent a period of intensive development throughout 1958 to prepare it for production commencing in 1959. When the new model was released the engine, although visually the same as the 7R had its own dedicated castings. A power output of 51bhp at 7200rpm was claimed for the new model. The cycle parts followed the same pattern as those used by the contemporary 7R with only the difference in colour and badge to distinguish between them, a fact that has led to numerous arguments between enthusiasts ever since as to which is the most attractive, the 7R or G50! Production ended in 1962 after approximately 180 examples had been built. Today G50's continue to win on the track in classic events supported by an industry that continues to refine and develop the model.

The example offered was purchased by the well known road racer Norman Francis in 1981 from John Surtees. Mr Francis competed with the machine in classic events until his death at Mallory Park in 1992 (aboard a Norton) since which time the machine has not been used. The engine, which has new crankcases, was fully rebuilt just prior to this. An 18 inch rear rim is fitted to the motorcycle which is described as being in good condition throughout. Although no frame number is visible on the machine, the frame is an original item of the correct type and the motorcycle is offered with documentation relating to its sale by John Surtees to Mr Francis.

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